Becoming a Skouster…

As a Skouster member, you automatically get your own private email account.

Many people have email from very large technology companies. These large companies offer “free” email and cloud services in exchange for being able to use your information for marketing purposes. Skouster is a private, ad-free, encrypted storage environment.

Skouster charges a nominal fee to support the administrative costs of ownership. Because Skouster is not a free service, we are able to provide 100% private data services.

There are two tiers of membership:

  1. Skouster membership is your “”. This is an unlimited account with access to all of the media within the membership details.
  2. Z-Bro is an upgrade to a modified¬†“”. This is an ALL ACCESS membership to everything and includes many money saving coupons.

Remember, you can see our “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) if you need membership support.